Billing Automation Solution

Sending out bills, invoices and statements has evolved into a marketing tool, communicating critical information while cross selling your other products and/or services.

Billing automation has become more sophisticated, delivering bills, invoices, statements and even credit memos by mail, fax, email or a combination of 1, 2, or all 3 ways. Let’s leave that up to your customers.

Electronic Security

Sending your critical data electronically is the fastest and the most insecure way to communicate…unless it’s encrypted. Captum Technologies uses eSecure to ensure every data file is always encrypted and never exposed. To add to the security, you’ll send your files over a secure https:// area, so the exposure is minimal and with eSecure, there’s no exposure.


Printing bills, invoices and statements and then mailing in a #10 envelope is a repetitive task that costs time and money. If a mistake is made in the printing, stuffing and mailing process, such as sent to the wrong customer, wrong information on the invoice, now it affects your overall bottom line and the potential of losing a customer. And…it doesn’t matter if it’s completed internally, or by a third party.


Captum Technologies implements a security measure by placing a bar code called Perfect Match technology. The bar code is placed both at the top and bottom of the first page, and on the bottom of every page thereafter.

The bar code at the top of the page reads and confirms the envelope sequence and the integrity of the mail piece. The bar code located at the bottom of the page is read by high speed cameras confirming the page count, set identity and any special inserting instructions.

Cass Certified for Address verifications are made each and every time against the USPS database and with any discrepancies, the address is immediately corrected.


Electronically mailing bills, invoices and statements provides you with immediate savings as it reduces operational costs. Electronic billing provides instant email and web delivery of the critical documents. The email contains a link to a secure website where the customer enters in their information and can easily view all documents. The print-to-mail allows you to save on postage, labor and materials and gives you the ability track all documents to your customer.

eMail, fax and mail are all stored in an electronic archive where you can view the invoices and statements, or pay full or partial payments on the invoices. It’s there when you want it, how you want it 24/7.

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