Using an e-Commerce System for Members, Franchises, Resellers or Employees

e-Commerce software is widely used and offered in the marketplace. Most e-commerce systems are dedicated to selling product by finding new customers or keeping the one’s they’ve earned. However, not all businesses are the same.

We work with businesses and not-for-profits that:

  • • Sell to members and the general public
  • • Sell to franchises
  • • Sell to resellers of their product(s) and service(s)
  • • Want to offer an employee store and
  • • Want to offer an internal ordering system.

It’s a centralized way of maintaining your brand and fulfilling customer demands while moving business forward.

In Captum’s eCommerce system, we create the internal / external system to match the look and feel of your company. When your customer logs into the e-commerce system, they will find what they need quickly and easily with categories. Next, let your customer experience the variety of offerings including large pictures, descriptions, price and a way to get more details or simply check out. Items can be purchased as $0.00 or set a price break on select items.

All shoppers log-in with a name and password and the system stores their shipping and billing information…so the next time they come to order, it’s even faster to check out. Shoppers will be able to track all their purchases through links to UPS/Federal Express websites.

Contact Us for a demo of the e-commerce system for members, franchises, resellers or employees.