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Utilize our turnkey trade show marketing program to build, gain and retain a personal relationship with customers.

Trade shows are costly and time-consuming projects. That’s why you want to make the most of it by ensuring as many leads generated as possible.

Prior to a trade show, you want to:

  • • communicate with as many potential attendees as possible, pre-qualifying prospects.
  • • set one-on-one scheduled appointments to maximize prospects and booth staff’s time.
  • • after the show, follow up and schedule appointments for attendees that visited the booth as well as those who could not attend.

To make this work successfully, it requires a lot of time, planning, preparation, testing and implementation.

What if we can speed this part of the process up for you?

Captum technologies has a great easy-to-use tool that allows you to do all of the above within minutes. Simply, we named it You’ll see how customizable it is, putting in your critical information. Once you type it in (or copy and paste), it’s ready to go. That fast, that easy.

Captum’s program will maximize ROI and organize the chaos of trade shows leaving you more time to focus on hot leads.

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A One to Many Relationship

A call came in from a healthcare customer asking for help in storing and kitting healthcare starter kits for their home care patients. We said, “no problem, we have warehouse storage and kitting capabilities. How many and how often?” done.

Two weeks later, the same customer called asking if we could help print new signage for their trade show booth. We said, “no problem, we have great resources that can get it quickly at a good price.”


A month later, another request.

Why do customers call and request assistance in multiple areas? Because we’re partners. Because we’ve proven ourselves to be trustworthy, fair, and adaptable…meaning, as our customers change and evolve, so have we.

How to know if your vendor is also your partner:

  • • Do they understand your industry and the nuances?
  • • Do they anticipate what’s next and provide you with ideas?
  • • Do they take stresses off your plate and get it done?
  • • Do you look at the invoice and don’t think twice about paying it?

If you are able to focus on your job and your vendor partner takes care of the rest…great job! If you’re not completely satisfied, then it’s time to have Captum Technologies fill that role.

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Traditional Disaster Recovery Doesn’t Support Revenue Continuation

Spring, a great time of year. Grass is green, flowers bloom and spring storms with high winds, heavy rain and even a threat of a tornado from time to time. Natural disasters to construction sites can quickly and easily take a company down. Sometimes for an hour, sometimes for days. If you have a traditional disaster recovery plan, the infrastructure will be back up…fast.

Guess what part is not up and running fast? Critical documents. The printing and mailing or emailing of statements, invoices, claims, payroll, notices…anything that brings in revenue. Protect your revenue with a DR Plan that concentrates only on your critical document. Captum Technologies partners with a leading SSAE18 compliant data centers, one being located right here in Phoenix.

Bad weather hits, construction takes down your company, labor strike or any unforeseen circumstance can affect your revenue. Keep your company protected. Contact us to find out how monthly/quarterly testing ensures your revenue keeps on flowing even when the world around you stops.

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