Centralized Brand Asset Management System

There are some really great technologies in the marketplace for Digital Asset Management. You wish it could be more automated, so a librarian or a fulfillment expert isn’t needed.

That’s because you have employees all over the country and/or internationally along with distributors, resellers, franchises or other partners requesting videos, uniforms, supplies, signage, brochures and trade show booth packages. Marketing professionals that service multiple channels demand a lot more.

Marketers need a way to take the searching, ordering and distributing of the brand, digital and tangible assets and place it directly in the hands of employees and your various partners. Now all you care about is ensuring the order was fulfilled and getting your daily, weekly and/or monthly report.

Centralized Brand Asset Management System

Captum’s Centralized Brand Asset Management System takes the time-consuming tasks of answering inquiries, back and forth communications, customizing & ordering brand, digital & tangible asset, and places it directly in the hands of internal & external customers.

The scalable, fully responsive software works as an e-commerce system where you can store, access and order brochures, uniforms, video, audio, billboard designs, blueprints, all premium items, supplies, graphics, signage & anything else you want to make available.

  • • Navigation so you can easily search and find items.
  • • Display items with a single or multiple picture with description, quantity and price. Click on an item for detailed information.
  • • Set price from $0 to whatever you need.
  • • All items go to a cart for checkout. Accept credit cards, generate invoices or transfer funds.

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