Centralized Brand Management eCommerce Ordering System

Critical time within your day is taken up with fulfilling requests for trade shows, mailers, shirts, brochures and mugs. Even having a full-time person manage inventory and requests is difficult to justify to management. So don’t.

Let internal employees and customers order what they need, when they need it and set approvals on items or totals that are important to you. The rest you can see on a daily, weekly or monthly report.

Captum’s Centralized Brand Management System is an internal & external management and eCommerce ordering system for brand asset management, digital assets, providing corporate brand managers and marketing managers company and product brand consistency throughout the enterprise. Centralize items such as:

If employees work from home, all across the state or coast to coast, you now can have control over what’s chargeable…or not, what’s available…or not, needing approval…or not, but always eliminating errors. Your Centralized Brand Management System is the only way for:

  • • Sales to have a single location to view and order support materials
  • • Selling or make available print or downloads for books, videos, audios, white papers, webinars, podcasts, research and articles.
  • • Departments to order office supplies, conference supplies, event supplies to name a few.
  • • Marketing to order shirts, cups, brochures and various size and style signs for trade shows, billboards, kiosks, seminars, and campaigns.
  • • Create a customer loyalty program to reward and grow your customer loyalty.
  • • Employees to order uniforms via credit card processing and/or payroll deduction.

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