Electronic Payment & Electronic Archive

We provide an easy way to look up and pay bills, invoices and statements with an online portal. Customers have complete, secure access to their account(s) with an authorized user ID and password. Once in the system, customers can:

  • • Access unpaid and paid statements, invoices & bills
  • • Pay full OR partial payments giving the customer an area to include notes & explanations
  • • Apply credits to any open invoice, bill & statement
  • • Schedule a future payment date to ensure payment is made on-time, every time
  • • Set a maximum amount, this ensures you’ll never go above a desirable amount

The online portal allows you to review your payment summary prior to payment. You can set up multiple ways to pay so you have the flexibility to choose the method of payment and funds will be transferred.

Online & Offline Security

It’s critical for your most critical documents to have the highest security possible. Our processing partner is SSAE16 & PCI Compliant ensuring processes and all forms of security are met. Any credit card processing is secure and protected with tokenization, meaning, the credit card sequence is a protected with a combination of alpha and numerics. Once the match is made, payment is complete.

Summary Reports

Payment reports are easy to create and even faster to download in common formats such as .csv, Excel or .xml. Get the report(s) by day, week, month or your own defined period of time.

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