Print & Print Management Cycle

Printing materials come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Printers can be good at printing brochures, plastic cards or signage, however seldom experts at all printed materials. Captum Technologies simplifies your printing process by acting as your single point of contact throughout the print cycle. We identify, negotiate and manage the right print production facility for each printing project, warehouse and fulfill internal and/or external orders and deliver the project the way you and your customer wants to receive it.


Based on how many you want to print, Captum Technologies recommends the best way to print your project.

Print Production

Choose from commercial print, high and low volume print production, four color process, spot, black and white, digital or custom blended colors.

Warehouse and Fulfillment

Inventory and fulfill internal and external orders in a secure, off-site facility without the day-to-day responsibility of managing stock, replenishment, packaging, shipping and labor to implement the order process.

Delivery Method

Deliver your offering the way your customer wants to receive it: download or in print.

Printing Business Printing   Specialty Printing
Process, Digital, Spot   Forms Binders
Black/White Checks Folders

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